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2:45pm 07-04-2020
k ☆
linked your site on <3
10:40pm 06-28-2020
cool site gamer
11:37am 06-10-2020
I read your lgbt page and I am so sorry you had to go through all of that in school. I have been bullied mercilessly for being gay while in school as well, people can be awful I hope you are doing well, keep being you <3
5:47am 05-10-2020
A frozen baguette
Despacito the game.
Now this is epic
5:31pm 04-28-2020
your site is sooo cute
4:36am 04-12-2020
I love your website.It brings back the nostalgic feels.Keep up the good work. Come visit my site sometimes
4:19am 01-04-2020
Your site is so cute!
10:23pm 12-09-2019
꒰ middlepot ꒱
aaa i really like your site, it's so neat !!! i was wondering if you'd like to post my button ♡
( i already posted yours at )
this is my button :
2:14pm 07-15-2019
You have such a cute website! Thanks for following mewmewcheck on neocities too!
1:01am 05-11-2019
rad site yo
12:15pm 05-09-2019
Your art is so cute!!
7:29pm 05-08-2019
love the look of your site and all of the pages! love all the cute graphics and art! <3